In-Store Shoppers for Third-Party Apps are Courted by Union Locals in Los Angeles

In-store shoppers attractive for unions - Photo by Oatsy

The United Food and Commercial Workers union in Los Angeles may have been fighting the in-store shopping delivery services like Instacart, but the  union is trying to organize those very employees, according to the Center for Union Facts’ publication, Labor Pains.

The National Labor Relations Board filed a complaint against UFCW Local 770 and other LA locals over the issue.  Back in 2017, the locals filed a grievance over the presence of in-store shoppers in grocery stores. But it seems the locals have did an about-face and union members are footing the bill. Read the filings here:

The publication alleges more than $1 million of Local 770 money went towards legal bills. But at the same time the locals are trying to organize the in-store shoppers.

It’s a sticky situation as employees at the supermarkets are often requested to devote time to assisting the in-store shopper to the detriment of regular customers. The in-store shoppers are often purchasing for several customers at a time, taking up time in the check-out line. Inevitably there are items the in-store shopper has to go run back and get, often holding up the customer line.

In many cases, the in-store shopper will cut to the front of the check-out line, citing the permission was given by the store manager.

Read the Labor Pains article


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