Watch Bif Naked Teach a Liar a Lesson as she Drops ‘Jim’

Bif Naked reminices about the good times for a second - Courtesy


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Bif Naked has been a mentor and student as she goes through life.  And her learning experiences come from the most unexpected of sources.

Her latest teacher is apparently a relationship after which she modeled the song, “Jim,” and with which there’s a powerful new video that illustrates vengeful emotions. In the Doug Fury-directed video, Bif’s character learns that someone whom she once believed to be her lover and ally is neither. “Jim,” who bears a bit of a resemblance to a rough Bill Murray, appears unfazed by Bif’s final confrontation. That is, until it’s too late.

Bif Naked is not gonna take it any more - Courtesy
Bif Naked is not gonna take it any more – Courtesy

The scene opens with people scattered about, one of them, presumably Jim, is lying on the floor. The story is told backwards and in reverse motion as well,  from the point where the destruction has already occurred and back to the point where Bif gives Jim a mean right hook and he goes down. It ends with the protagonist walking in the door.

“Jim’ is a song about loss, really,” Bif says. “It’s about that disillusionment we all feel when someone turns into an imposter. ‘Jim’ is the quintessential story of discovering a betrayal and ‘Jim’ is that villain. The song is totally about pain, and facing it head-on.  With the video we really wanted to have a triumph over the pain, and take our power back.” 

The track starts slowly enough and swells to a staccato and rapid-fire synth symphony with big drums and imploringly aching vocals. It’s masterfully produced and engineered by Fury. It was written by Bif, Fury, Steve Snake Allen and executive produced by Peter Karroll.

Bif Naked's split second decision to carry on - Courtesy
Bif Naked’s split second decision to carry on – Courtesy

The video succeeds on that level. Nothing says “power” quite like a boxing match and in this case, Jim is discovered as a cheat: The evidence is right there in the form of some flirty women guests. Jim gets his just desserts, as the saying goes, and Bif is the victor.

The subject of power over betrayal falls into alignment with Bif’s work in women’s advocacy, with which she is a leader in her native Canada.

“You never loved me, Jim/ You’ve made a fool of me again and again,” Bif sings in a definitive manner, and there is no room for anyone to challenge her here. It’s a done deal.

Bif, whose upbeat personality belies personal challenges and tragedy of her own, relates to people who comprise a wide swath of audiences. She is a cancer survivor and inspiration to people. And now that will be needed more than ever before.

“I enjoy speaking directly to health care professionals regarding patient advocacy, and to patients and families who are surviving and thriving,” Bif said. “They are all my mentors. They inspire me.” 

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