‘This Leather Heart’ A Testament to Strength and Beauty of Militia Vox


I love it when Militia Vox releases new music because she always surprises – one reason why I’ve followed her for almost five years now. 

Her newest release, “This Leather Heart” demonstrates why the multiple award-winning singer, songwriter/composer, host, actress, visual artist, model,  director, producer and founder and lead singer of the Judith Priestess tribute band is always fresh and intriguing. 

A remix of her song “This is She,” the new release “This Leather Heart” is a mashup of experimental jazz, metal, mystery, dream rock and Militia Vox sonic  imagery.  It works at several levels. It spaces you out with its deep-from-hell’s-caverns base sound with Militia’s haunting voice from “This Is She” spiraling up like the smoke from a snuffed candle, carried by electronic accents, beats, and synth-drone wings.  

This Leather Heart – Courtesy image

As always, Militia has taken the concept and sound from “This Is She” and created something that is like nothing else, and something you can’t listen only once. “What is in there?” your mind asks while your ears explore the layers of sound.  Played in the background, “This Leather Heart” creates its own environment, like a forest fire creates its own weather.  

In headphones it pulls you into that environment. I suspect there is a reason the heart of the song is leather because so is she.  Whether it is playing with Judith Priestess, lighting up the Rocky Horror Show at the Whiskey in Hollywood, or posing for stills on a very big motorcycle, Militia Vox is leather.  So why shouldn’t her heart be too, at least in this song?   Which is why  “This Leather Heart” is yet the latest in the musical world of Militia Magic.

Militia Vox  https://www.militiavox.com/

“This Leather Heart” is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes

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