‘Break Point’ by X. Ari an Emotional Take on Electro-Soul Music


X. Ari isn’t a household name yet, but she is making strides in an electro-soulful style.

The youthful writer-performer honors her own challenges in life as well as those of others.

X. Ari creates music that relates to everyone today, in an age where overcoming obstacles is more often the norm than not.

“I’ve had challenges with ADHD, anxiety, obsession, PTSD, depression, bipolar, psychosis, sleep paralysis and insomnia,” X. Ari said. “I turn my pain into power by wearing my weaknesses proudly on my sleeves as a STRENGTH in order to help others feel less alone and know recovery is possible for them also.”


Check out X. Ari performing ‘Break Point’ at Sayers Club in Hollywood:

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