Playlist: Kendrick Lamar the Hero as ‘Black Panther’ Sets $230M Box Office Record

Featured Photo by KENNY SUN, Story By YO-X

Black Panther is a remarkable feat in cinema with its sweeping scenes depicting Marvel’s most righteous superhero in explosive situations.  Box office is expected to hit a record-shattering $230 million for President’s Day weekend.

But it’s the music that helped attract the weekend movie-goers to the Marvel-ous movie and the name of the hero is Kendrick Lamar.

Black Panther Kendrick Lamar - image courtesy of Marvel
Black Panther powered by Kendrick Lamar’s soundtrack – image courtesy of Marvel

Lamar rose the ranks the long distance from Compton to the studios of Hollywood, in anyone’s map a tough journey that requires superhero skills: Tenacity, strength and force of will.

Check out the playlist put together by Spotify that celebrates Black Panther:

Kendrick Lamar gets kudos for Black Panther soundtrack

Check out the TRAILER to Black Panther here:


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